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An easy way to install or reinstall SharePoint 2010 on your window 7

If you (like me) want an easy way to install or reinstall SharePoint 2010 on your window 7 laptop or PC with ease, then give this PowerShellscripts a try, and let it do the work for you. The script will prompt you twice to get: the path to the setup.exe for SharePoint 2010     the product key (giving you the option to choose between Enterprise or Standard It will add and remove windows components, download prerequisites, install the prerequisites, update the config.xml file, and install the SharePoint 2010… What more can we ask. Note, I had to make a modification in my case to skip the OfficeServer.exe insulation

Where is my Dashboard designer?

Finding SharePoint performance point Dashboard designer tool was a little tricky. It’s a click once download that is not available anywhere in MSDN downloads or any other place. However you can download it from your Business Intelligence Center page in SharePoint.
To make your life easier, if you ever need it and you already have PerformancePoint installed on your SharePoint sever then here is how you can get it:
1)Open your browser as an admin user 2)Go to this URL http://<server-name>/sites/<site>/Pages/ppssample.aspx 3)Click the “Run Dashboard Designer” and let it download the tool for you.
In highly customized SharePoint 2010 sites this page can be hard to find.